Flameproof Brake Motors

Brake Motors are used for various applications where instantaneous stopping of the driven load is required. The operation of the brake is “FAIL SAFE TYPE” i.e. normally ON. When the electrical power to the motor is cut–off or the power fails, the brake is applied.


  • The brake motors are simple & rugged & so easy for maintenance.
  • No separate DC supply is required as the rectifier is provided which gives the required DC voltage for energization of the brake.
  • The rectifier is mounted inside the main terminal box, so no separate terminal box required.

Enquiry Details

When placing an enquiry, please furnish the details:

  • Motor power & speed
  • Mounting
  • Application details
  • Brake size / required braking torque of start/stops per hour
  • Duty cycle


  1. selection chart is a general guideline for selection of brake size. If braking torque needed is other than that mentioned in selection chart, this can be provide on request.
  2. Brake motors with factor of safety less than two are not appropriate for crane/hoisting applications.
  3. The motor must not be switched “ON” unless brake is energized & the brake should never be de-energized when the motor is “ON”.
    Brake motors with higher braking torque are also available on request.

General guidelines for selection of suitable Brake Model:

The Brakes are rated by torque & selection of suitable model can be made by calculating the required torque, rating of the brake & then matching it with static torque.

  • Torque (Nm) = 9550 x (KW / RPM) x Safety Factor (SF)
    where kW-Kilowatts of motor,
  • RPM-Speed of motor,
  • SF-Safety Factor depending on type of prime mover & load.
  • For electric motor, SF = 2 to 3
  • For diesel engine, SF = 4 to 5
  • For compressor, SF = 5 to 6.


Frames: 71 to 160L (90S/L, 132S/M & 160M/L common)

Rating: 0.37 to 15.0 kW

Poles: 2, 4, 6 & 8 , 4/2, 8/4, 6/4, 8/6 & others

Mountings: B3, B5, B14 & combinations

Protection: IP55 & others.

Enclosure: TEFC

Brake Torque: Upto 450Nm

Duty Cycle: S1 – S8

Approvals: CIMFR & PESO (Zone 1 – Gas Group IIA & IIB)

Epoxy gel coat on overhang

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